Ford EcoSport : 1000cc SUV

ford eco sportFord Eco Sport : 1000cc SUV

NEW DELHI, January 5, 2012 - Ford Motor Company (Ford) to prove its commitment to producing environment friendly cars with small engine. Held in New Delhi Auto Show in 2012 which during 5 to 11 January 2011, the manufacturer from Detroit, United States launched a variant of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) new three-cylinder 1000 cc engine.

All New Ford EcoSport, so the car was named.

The car has 120 horsepower and it is equipped with a manual five-speed transmission. The plan, cars that produced as part of a policy of 'One Ford' will be marketed to many countries.

This brand-new Ford EcoSport created using the platform's Ford Fiesta. Despite the small engine, but it's versatile sports car performance and claimed to have a more perfect design than previous generations.

suv fordall new ford eco sport

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